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Volume 4 coming soon. Really.


Deadlines are as follows

March 1 – Spring

June 1 – Summer

September 1 – Autumn

December 1 – Winter


The annual edition will be published in October.


To contact an editor simply click on a name below. To submit work to us please see "Submissions" below:


Editor & Publisher

    Steve Glines 


Poetry Editor

   Irene Koronas


Fiction Editor

  Timothy Gager


Nonfiction Editor

   Steve Glines


Book Reviews Editor

   Doug Holder


Arts Editor/Curator

  Bridget Galway


Poet in Residence

  Tomas O’Leary




Please read this section before submitting work.


All submissions must be in electronic form. Our preference is an MS Word file uploaded through the form below.


We don't pay so you retain all copyrights. If we publish your work online we may include it in our print annual.


Poetry may be submitted in any length. Please don't submit 100 poems and ask us to pick 3.


Short fiction may be submitted in three formats:


1.         very short stories less than 500 words in length

2.       short stories less than 1000 words in length

3.       Short stories that don’t fit the above should be less than 5000 words.


We also accept longer forms of fiction occasionally.


Non-Fiction is just that so lets see some interesting footnotes.


Book Reviews should be positive unless the author is a well-known blowhard. Our mission is to encourage literature not discourage it.


Non-fiction should be short, (a lot) less than 5000 words.


Any form of art may be submitted with the constraint that it must be something that can be published in 2 dimensions. It’s hard to publish sculpture but illustrations together with some intelligent prose count.


Published works are welcome with proper attribution.


Please submit all works electronically. Click here to submit to Wilderness House Literary Review



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Welcome to the twentyth issue (Volume 5, no 4) of the Wilderness House Literary Review. WHLR is a result of the collaboration between a group of poets and writers who call themselves the Bagel Bards (who have just published their latest anthology).

he stories, articles, poems and examples of art have been presented as PDF files. This is a format that allows for a much cleaner presentation than would otherwise be available on the web. If you don’t have an Adobe Reader (used to read a PDF file) on your computer you can download one from the Adobe website. The files are large and we hope you will be patient when downloading but we think the beauty of the words deserves a beautiful presentation.

Wilderness House Press has a Twitter feed and you can find us on Facebook or read about us on Wikipedia.

It costs quite a bit of money to keep publishing WHLR - help us out if you can. Every little bit helps.

Our ISSN number is 2156-0153.

Let us know what you think in our Letters to the Editor.


Finally, the copyrights are owned by their respective authors whose opinions are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of our sponsors or partners.

Table of Contents



Cumulative Index


It’s winter. Christmas was white again this year. While a blizzard blinded and buried our neighbors this little corner of New England was protected by what the Meteorologists are calling a “Gravity Wave.” That ominous sounding phenomenon left us with only 8 inches of snow while Boston and the Berkshires received over 20. Our own theory is that Mount Wachusett, a monster at 2006 feet (It’s big for around here) in neighboring Princeton Massachusetts protects us by keeping us in her shadow when the wind blows from a certain direction. During the summer when great thunderheads threaten, the sky (or that part of that can be seen on radar) parts leaving Littleton dry. Those of us in love with the bangs, rumbles in the summer and white drifting dunes of winter occasionally feel deprived. We could have said “gyped” but after publishing Dosha, flight of the Russian Gypsies, we’ve learned to call “Gypsies” Roma and to defend them from disparaging remarks.

It’s also the time of year when we nominate our writers for the Pushcart Prize. This year we are pleased to nominate:

Sunil P. Narayan: "Lost in Your World"
Monique Callahan: "Egg; or a short history of my life"
Elaine Rosenberg Miller: "The Pier"
Changming Yuan: "S.W.E.N. A Rotating Poem"
Geoffrey Craig: "The Brave Maiden" (note this epic poem was in all 4 issues of Volume 5)

In our Spring issue we’ll hand out our own awards.

Search the house


Kitty Glines is a multi facetted artist that uses different mediums to articulate a very intimate voice describing her connectedness with nature. Nature centers her and inspires her creativity. Kitty’s words have defined and described her inspiration for each piece. Her descriptions need not be elaborated on by me.

It does feel appropriate to end this exhibit of her art with an architectural design of a performance space. It is a space that reflects the influence of all her subjects and mediums.  The design creates a performance space that will bring the visitor into an environment that honors the natural world, a perfect space to celebrate the art of performance. We all would perform better if the spaces we create were in tune with nature.



Our fiction editor loves Anton Chekhov and despairs the notion that there are no latter day Chekhovs submitting works for his consideration. This is not to say that the work he receives isn’t excellent … it’s just not Chekhov. To that end WHLReview announces a new prize for fiction to be called “the Chekhov Prize.” A google search reveals several other Chekhov prizes with cash. Alas we’re not offering cash. We will look for a bearded bobble-head doll. In the mean time we have T-shirts with the Chekhov Prize logo available. Just click on Chekhov's head.

Our fiction editor Timothy Gager is taking time off to finish a novel. For this issue we welcome Amy Tighe as our guest editor. Amy's taste in literature is different from both Timothy's and Julias. This too has proved to be interesting.

fragments of novels looking for homes (publishers)

Ramey D'Arcy: Kitty's Book of the Dead, Chapter II, The Wake
K. S. Crawford: KEOWEE

For your reading pleasure we offer an outstanding collection of short stories:


Our poetry editor, not wanting to be outdone by our fiction editor is pleased to announce the Gertrude Stein "rose" prize for creativity in poetry. Anyone published in Volume 3 (and beyond) is eligible. We don't have any idea what the prize will consist of - a t-shirt for sure. Perhaps we can find a Plaster of Paris bust of Julius Caesar, put a rose in its mouth and decorate it to look like Gertrude Stein. In the mean time we have T-shirts with the our rose prize logo available. Just click on Gerturde's head.

We start with two Epic Poems:

Geoffrey Craig - The Brave Maiden (continued)

We have a remarkable lineup of poets, enjoy:

Adrienne Drobnies
Antoinette Claypoole
Aren Stone
Changming Yuan
Charish Halliburton
Christopher Barnes
James Piatt
Jeff Santosuosso
Jessica Harman
Joseph Murphy
Judy Shepps Battle
Kathy Horniak
Lyn Lifshin
Mike Berger
Robert K. Johnson
Ron Riekki
Ron Yazinski
Siddharth Katragadda
Stephanie Contino
Timothy Gager


  • Poena Damni
    Z213: EXIT
    Dimitris Lyacos ( Shoestring Press 2010, translation: Shorsha Sullivan)
    ISBN: 978356-05-6, [email protected]
    Review by Irene Koronas
  • Dosha, Flight of the Russian Gypsies
    Sonia Meyer ( Wilderness House Press - $24.95)
    Review by Rene Schwiesow
  • My Father’s Love
    Sharon Doubiago (2009, Wild Ocean Press, San Francisco)
    Review by antoinette nora claypoole
  • Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke’s Duino Elegies
    Elaine Terranova (Cervena Barva Press - 2010 $7.00)
    Review by Irene Koronas
  • Redneck Poems
    Rusty Barnes (MiPOesias Chapbook Series - $4.25 )
    Review by Rene Schwiesow
  • SARX, Poetry by Nancy A. Henry
    Moon Pie Press, Westbrook, Maine, 2010, 127 pages, $11.)
    Review by Barbara Bialick
  • The Immaculate Conception Mother’s Club
    by David R. Surette (Koenisha Publications, Hamilton MI,
    Softbound, 85 pages)
    Review by Zvi A. Sesling
  • Tales Of The Troupe
    Rob Dinsmoor ( Zingology Press)
    Reviewed by Paul Steven Stone
  • Success of the Seed Plants
    Leslie Williams ( Bellday Books, Inc., ISBN 978-9793376-3-5, 2010 $14.00)
    Review by Irene Koronas

Come back often. We post up to ten new reviews every week.

As we said when we started this is a joint production of Wilderness House Literary Retreat and the “bagel bards”.  The “Bagel Bards” have just published their fifth anthology. You may purchase them here:

Bagels with the Bards #5


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